This page outline how you can migrate from a competing product and keep the current DNS records.

Follow this guide if you are looking to migrate from another WHMCS DNS Manager module you currently have.


  1. The competing module must be using BIND based nameserver.

  2. You have root access to old nameserver

  3. You have root access to new DirectAdmin server


  1. Setup the DNS Suite Module with the proper DirectAdmin credentials

  2. Go into the Admin Management Panel

  3. You should now see a green button with Sync Domains to Remote. Click on this and let the module create the domains on the DirectAdmin server. If you do not see this button, either your DirectAdmin account has more domains than your Active domains in WHMCS or you had enabled Large DB Exclusion in the Config. If you don't see the button, run this URL directly and it should trigger the sync.
  4. All the domains should now be on the DirectAdmin server. Now log onto your old nameserver containing current DNS records. Zip up all the zone files in
  5. Copy the zipped file with all the DNS zones to your DirectAdmin server, now extract it to /var/named/ as well

  6. Restart the DirectAdmin named, everything should load correctly if there is no syntax error in the zones.

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