With version 4 of the CSF Unblocker module, installation is easier than ever. You no longer have to edit templates edits. We have made it easy to install and configure the module.

Key new features

  • Six Template compatible

  • No template installation/modification

  • Remote hash update

  • Remote script update

  • Frontend multi-language support

  • CSF Cluster mode support

  • Differential & Passive Unblocking Mode


Make sure the remote servers have ioncube 10 loader enabled. If you are running ioncube loader earlier than ioncube 10 then you can either run easyapache to rebuild the ioncube extension automatically or manually update the ioncube loader files.

Basic Overview

There are two parts to the module

  1. WHMCS side - Where your client will log into your WHMCS installation and unblock their IP on their hosting server
  2. Remote Server side (Hosting Server) - This is where your clients are hosted

Installation Instructions Overview

  1. The Module must be configured and enabled in your WHMCS.

  2. The Provisioning Module of the hosting service needing to use this module must have the module enabled in the Enable for Modules under the Admin Configuration page

  3. The Remote server must be setup with the remote server script Remote Server Installation (root required for installation, not required for running of the remote script). The remote server script must be reachable via http or https

  4. To test the remote server is working correctly, click on the Connection Test under the first column on the Server Listing table.

WHMCS side Installation

There isn't any template modification needed for the module, simply upload the files in the whmcsUpload folder into your WHMCS/modules/addons directory.


If you are using the csfunblocktech module, make sure you upload and activate the main module (csfunblock) first. Once the main module is activated, you can then proceed to activate the csfunblocktech module. Otherwise, the system will crash.

Module Configuration

Enable the module by going to Setup → Addon Modules.

Once activated you will need to fill in the License key as well as configure other module settings under the SetupAddons Module page.

Here are some configurable options for this module

Cluster ModeEnabling this will make the module to only connect to the main server of the cluster
Cluster ServerWhen Cluster mode is enabled, make sure you select the main server for the cluster here. Otherwise the module cannot send the command to the Cluster Master
Display ReasonDisplay the blocked reasoning during Client Unblocking
Enable APIEnable the client API usage
Remote File NameIf you are customizing your remote server installation, you can change the name of the file
Unblock Mode (v4.56)As of v4.64, only Passive mode is supported by the module 
Disable Do Not Delete option (Passive)When enabled, the Do Not Delete option will be disabled when Passive mode is enabled
Max Unblock AttemptMaximum number of unblocking a client can have per hour
Always Test ConnectionEnabling this will always run server connection test (Admin Interface) during a reload. Otherwise, only during first load for the session
Central Portal (4.6)This mode will allow the client to check for all hosting packages blocking status under one simple page
Side Bar DisplayDisplay the unblocking function in the Service page side bar
Main Content DisplayDisplay the unblocking function in the main Service Page container
Add Central Portal to Service MenuDisplay the Central Portal link under the Service menu
Central Portal Service Menu OrderThe display order for the link
Techoptions*Enable/Disable tech module functions
Disable Do Not Delete option for TechWhen enabled, the Do Not Delete option will be disabled for Tech Module
Enable Hosting Product TypeEnable the display of the unblock module for regular hosting product type
Enable Reseller Product TypeEnable the display of the unblock module for reseller hosting product type
Enable Server Product TypeEnable the display of the unblock module for products under Server product type
Enable Other Product TypeEnable the display of the unblock module for products under Other product type
Regular ResellerEnable reseller search feature for regular hosting product type 

Language Files

The module includes English as the base language. If you wish to translate it to your enabled language in WHMCS. Make a copy of the english.php in /modules/addons/csfunblocker/lang/ to your associated language. For example, french.php. The filename must match to the ones in the WHMCS/lang/french.php

Template Files

The template files are in the modules/addons/csfunblock/templates directory if you need to make any cosmetic changes.

WHMCS Client Area Frontend

The client end module will be shown on the Service page of the particular service.

Make sure you have enabled the server provisioning module in the Admin interface (Addons → WHMCS CSF Unblocker → Shown on Modules) to have it showing in the front end.

Firewall Portal (v4.6+)

This can be activated by enabled Central Portal, Add Central Portal to Service Menu options in the Module Configuration (WHMCS → Addons Configuration). If your theme is six compatible, then a link will automatically added to the Service menu.

If you are using a template that is not based on Six, you can add a link manually to the following URL.


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