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This document contains usage guide and tips for the module

Module Home 

Upon loading the Module home, you will be greeted with a basic overview of your card statuses.

Card Listing Management

If you want to modify the your Listing line up, simply go to Card Management Tab

Admin tools, Logs and Fraud Check 

The module includes comprehensive tools to let you manage your Cards efficiently.

Card Overview Tab

In this tab you have 4 tools available

1) Pending, 2) To be Used, 3) Redeem, 4) Run Fraud Check

1-3 will list all the Gift Cards under those statuses.

The Fraud Check will allow you to check which customer have purchase gift cards in the last 7 days, 30 days, 6 months and year. (Sub cards are not counted)

Generating and Importing Gift Card 

With this function can generate Gift Cards for your customers to use. This is great for if you want to generate gift cards with small values for promotion.

Navigate to

Addons → Gift Card Module Admin → Card Management → Generate Cards

You can specify if you want to generate or import to a specific client, client group or active/inactive client.


When importing, the quantity of your codes must match or greater than the total number of selected client group


When importing, only alphanumeric and - are allowed

Creating and assigning Gift Card

If you wish to create a Gift Card and assign it to a client, follow these steps

  1. Card Management → Generate Cards → Create (Copy the code)

  2. Once created, Card Overview → Search → Card to Search (Paste the Code from step 1)

  3. View Details

  4. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll be able to select it from the Client drop down and Assign it

Validation (New in v2.6)

With this addition, you can now perform additional customer validation on when a Gift Card is purchased.

You can find the new Validation options in each individual Gift Card settings under the Card Management tab.

Image Added

The default provider we have included in the module is CheckMobi. If you want to use your own verification provider, you can do that. The modules\addons\giftcard\lib\validation.php file is not encoded. Therefore you can integrate your own provider into that file.

When Validation is enabled for a product. The module will not activate a gift card until a validation is passed for this service.

Validation Customization (Disable to certain country)

If you want to disable the SMS/Phone to certain countries due to high cost or high fraud rate. You can modify the country list in the following files


Once the countries had been removed from the list. You will also need to disable it on your provider's end. With CheckMobi, you can find this option under the App's settings.

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