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Server Parameters Settings

Once you have activated the module you can now goto Addons  WHMCS CSF Unblocker to access the module.

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There are few things you need to consider when adding the server onto the listing of servers under this module.








The IP Address for the Server MUST have a matching entry to the WHMCS → Product → Servers listing.

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Show on Module

In order for the Unblocker module to show up in the WHMCS client area, you must enable it for at least one WHMCS Provisioning Module. To do this, goto the CSF Unblocker Admin Interface → Show on Module tab

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Once there, you can set which WHMCS provisioning module will have access to the CSF Unblocker

For example, if your shared hosting plans run on DirectAdmin then enable it for DirectAdmin.

Remote Server Connection Test

You can run the connection test by clicking on the first column's icon in the Server Listing.

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To integrate with CheckMobi validation, you must first follow these steps under your CheckMobi dashboard.

  1. Goto Settings  Account, Add new app, use any name for the app

  2. Reload the page and expand Settings on the side bar menu and you should now see the new app you just added.

  3. Now click on Add secret key to generate a new key to use with the WHMCS Module

  4. Now you can make any additional changes you want for this app. The settings you want to modify is the SMS and IVR

  5. Copy and paste the secret key for the app and fill it in to WHMCS → Setup → Addon Modules → KeysProvider Configure → CheckMobi Key

The configuration for CheckMobi is now complete.